Sunday, August 5, 2012


Samoan Sand
I got this after work one day while I was searching for a beige that would go with my skin tone. I love OPI for that reason, they don't have the brightest and flashiest colors, but they do have a crazy range of tones in beige, browns, and reds. 

After testing it out, I finally found my tone. This one!! I will continue to buy beige's, as I love them and its always nice to find one that goes well with someone else's skin tone. 

 This first picture of the swatch (Above) is only two coats of polish and with inside lighting.

 This top picture was taken with outside lighting, the bottom one again with inside lighting. Both these swatches have three coats of polish, which gave me full opacity.

The quality of the nail polish is okay, a little too runny at times, although it did go on smoothly with very minor problems.  It does dry with a slight shine and very smooth to the touch. My only problem with OPI's collections are their prices. I know there are many other polishes out there that are much more expansive, however I still find that 10$ for a polish is a little too much for me. When there are tons out there with good consistencies under 5$.  Although I guess I can't complain since the world's most expansive nail polish, found here, is worth the cost of a house.. No thank you! Although I will dream of it at night like all the other polish addicts out there.

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