Sunday, August 5, 2012



Aco is a brand I bought one day in Ardene's after trying them out, I loved the formula of their brand, plus their bottles have 17 ml of nail polish in them!! Woot!!! The price of these aren't bad, if I am not mistaken, I think its 2 for 6$.
To be perfectly honest, I am not sure why I bought this one, I already own a black and it works perfectly well, oh well, I guess a nail polish addict still needs another one..
I am glad I got this one, it is extremely glossy and very reflective, as you can see an image of my pink camera on them. And yes, that is the color without a top coat.
All of my pictures were taken with 2 coats of Tuxedo, I love a polish that doesnt require 10 coats. :) The formula is very nice and liquid. The only downfall to this color/brand is the smell, it has a very strong nail polish smell.
This last picture I posted because I wanted to show off the new ring I got off eBay! It's such a cute red fox, I will definitely have to do a nail design with it in mind.

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