Monday, August 13, 2012

Bridal Mask (Gaksital)

These nails were inspired by one of my favourite shows right now; Bridal Mask!! It's a Korean Drama show set in 1930, during the Japanese occupation.  The characters are really good, and the story line is amazing!
 To show my appreciation of the show, I made nails dedicated to them. And guess what!! DramaFever saw them and posted them on their Facebook page (which is crazy, since they get a crazy amount of views!! YAY!!

I am in absolute love of the thumb! It's my favourite so far, the brush I used did exactly what I wanted, and the effect matches the mask.  Don't you think?

The index, middle and pinky finger are from their uniforms, which are worn in every episode! The ring finger is the title of the show in Korean, I may have written it slightly wrong, if so, I am truly sorry, I unfortunately don't speak, read, or write Korean. I tried my best. :)

 Anyways, if you love drama and don't mind subtitles, I would definitely recommend this show, it is the first Korean show I have watched, but I am truly enjoying it, and am probably more into this, then most the other shows out there,  (which is something to say, since I watch A LOT of shows) :)

P.S. The last two pictures are NOT mine, I just pulled them off the web in order to show you what inspired me.

Colors Used:
Black Satin by Rimmel
White On by Sally Hansen
Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire by OPI
Hook and Line by China Glaze
Yellow Striper from LA Colors- Art Deco  (No name on bottle)

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