Thursday, August 9, 2012

Circle, Circle, Dot! Dot!

 I have a little surprise for you guys.. The same design in two different color schemes. Why? Well why not?  It is an amazing design that is super fun, and little quirky and yet can be so elegant and modern.

The toes you see here in green are one of my friends toes. Her only requirement to me painting them this time was that they had to be lime green. I think the color scheme for this one is a lot of fun, and I am super pleased with it. I had originally planned on keeping the design with the pink dots full, however after testing the pinky toe we decided having them partially filled in with the blue gave it a little more edginess. 

The colors I used in this design were; Limestone by Sally Hansen,  Gaga for Green by China Glaze, Guava by Revlon and Violet by ACO.  Different size dotting tools were also used.

After creating this lovely design for her, we started talking about color schemes this could work with, and I just knew I had to try a more modern look with it. And this is what it turned out to be.  For this one, I altered the design slightly by having the mini circles in both colors. I think I prefer it that way! What are your thoughts on it? Do you prefer the first design on the toes, or the one on the hands.

For this design I do have to give credit where it belongs. I absolutely love Linda165's designs, and she makes some super easy and pretty tutorials to follow. After watching this video, I loved the look of it, but wanted to add my own spin on it.

In this design, the colors I used are; Wet Cement by Sally Hansen, Hook and Line by China Glaze, Friar Friar Pants on Fire by OPI, Tuxedo by ACO.

P.S. I just received my ring today from Ebay, SO HAPPY!!! (does the happy dance), its big and chunky and really cool looking! So this top picture was really all about showing off my new ring :)

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