Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Faster Growing Nails

clickclickphotographyislife said: my nails don’t grow very fast do you know if that maximum growth stuff works?
Some people I know swear by that stuff, however I never found it useful. My nails always peeled and broke which meant very short nails. However, I have started doing this little routine and my nails are now growing so fast I file them almost every week.
There are many factors to increase the speed your nails will grow. Following my How To for nail care will help for multiple reasons. (Buffing, Nutrients, Cuticle care, and Massaging.)
Buffing your nails removes uneven ridges which makes your nail stronger, removes yellow stains and keeps your nails healthier.
Your diet helps so have lots of Vitamins, iron, and calcium.  Adding a calcium base coat, such as Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener helps. Not only will it provide nutrients for your nail, it also makes them harder and less susceptible to breaking allowing them to grow longer.
Pushing your cuticles back can also help new growth, using a cuticle remover will help soften the cuticle and allow for them to be gently pushed back. Make sure however you never cut the cuticle as this can lead to infection and more serious problems. Also cuticle remover is quite harsh so make sure to do this no more than twice weekly. (I use it once a week)
Taking time to do manicures can also help with nail growth. :) YAY!! So manicure all the time!!!!  Giving your hands a little massage with some oil or lotion helps with circulation, which in turn helps growth. (Make sure to do this well before you paint the nails or after they are dry, as lotion or oil on the nail will not allow the polish to hold. Night time is good for this step as the lotions have time to be absorbed by the nail and cuticles.
 Finally, don’t forget to use cuticle oil and massage it into your fingers. These give your cuticles proper nutrients and also keeps them moisturized as nail polish remover is extremely harsh for your hands. If you have bad cuticles use multiple times a day, afterwards, once a day is usually sufficient. (Unless you are using harsh chemicals, use more often.)
Hope this helped!

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